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At dental clinic abroad  we offer all types of dental implants.

Vita Centre is a dental clinic abroad committed to providing the placement of dental implants and high-quality dentistry at low prices. fbs mt4 download for pc

Since 2002, we have provided oral prevention and healthcare and we are located in the centre of Lisbon, Setúbal and Porto, Portugal.


Our advanced methods seek to adapt our knowledge for the benefit of our patients.

Therefore, due to technological advances, it is possible to implement an effective and sophisticated service appropriate to each individual case.

We provide a wide range of solutions, allowing us to treat your case uniquely in order to provide you with a perfect smile. fbs metatrader 4

Our qualified and experienced dentists will provide a kind and friendly service. 

Dental implantAt Vita Centre dental clinic, our dentists are specialised in dental aesthetics and guarantee to help make your wishes come true.

Therefore, with 17 years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients, we can ensure you a reliable and professional job.

In some instances it is possible to enter our clinic without any teeth at all and leave with a complete set of fixed teeth. fbs forex review

Dental implant will improve your appearance, self-esteem, confidence and quality of life.

Therefore, after treatment, our patients are able to chew and speak comfortably.


Ensure our clients of the absolute best oral implantology treatment.

  • First of all find dental treatments of high quality at lower prices .
  • We are able to maintain high standards and a personalised service, tailored to your personal needs.
  • We continue to play a leading role in implantology and oral rehabilitation in Lisbon, Porto and Setúbal, Portugal.

Why choose Vita Centre dental clinic abroad ?

  1. Dedicated dental implant clinics of excellence. 
  2. Experienced Implant Clinicians.                                    
  3. Full Jaw Implant Rehabilitation.
  4. Full Jaw teeth in a day.

What makes our dental clinic and implantology centre different?

  • The kindness of our team, high-quality materials and the personalised treatment of our dentists using the latest technologies. These factors will make each visit a pleasant and relaxing experience.
  • Because we are experts in quality dental implants abroad  and in Portugal.
  • Your satisfaction and oral health are our top priorities.
  • We are located in the centre of Lisbon  and close to the Lisbon International Airport.
  • Finally, we are in the centre of Porto and Setúbal.

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In recent years, this treatment has developed considerably.

Consequently, there are techniques and protocols that enable the restoration of teeth in a natural, aesthetic, and functional way for people of all ages. Read More…